Music from the Virginia Beach Summer Project Worship Team

Brett went on Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ at Virginia Beach in the summer of 2002. While on project, Brett was chosen to lead the band in worship on Monday and Thursday nights. The band was able to find a studio to record with some of the funds left over from the project's central funds. Hersh brought together people from the project that didn't usually play in the band in order to record various parts on the CD. To produce the CD, the band had to spend the day working and then go right to the studio to record.

VA Beach CD

  1. Surely Goodness And Mercy
  2. Oh Lord To You
  3. Trading My Sorrows
  4. We Are Hungry
  5. You Said
  6. My Reason
  7. Here I Am To Worship
  8. I Can Only Imagine
  9. You Alone
  10. You Are Holy
  11. Let All I Do - written by Brett and Justin Bradshaw

Random Recordings in High School

Brett often liked to do random things. In high school Brett used a friend's computer to record several songs and a couple random sound bits.

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