Brett's Memorial Service 
Memorial Service Picture
Memorial Service Picture *
Viewed: 3137 times.

Memorial Service
Memorial Service *
Viewed: 2565 times.

Crowd of those who loved Brett
Crowd of those who loved Brett *
Viewed: 2648 times.

General Umbarger
General Umbarger *
Viewed: 2472 times.

Niki singing
Niki singing *
Viewed: 2474 times.

Nate Hershey
Nate Hershey *
Viewed: 3991 times.

Liz Keller, Brett's fiance
Liz Keller, Brett's fiance *
Viewed: 2818 times.

Brett's mom Roxanne
Brett's mom Roxanne *
Viewed: 2647 times.

Brett's favorite Daves
Brett's favorite Daves *
Viewed: 3235 times.

Roger Hershey
Roger Hershey *
Viewed: 8885 times.

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